Dance / Yoga


Our very own guru at the Sports Arena @ Sentosa, Master Lingham, provides intensive, authentic and traditional Yoga courses and Cuban salsa dancing for those who are into deep control of their mind and body artistically. Be warned that these are for sincere seekers who want to know, learn, explore and understand more about the deeper aspects of the Body, Mind and Soul.
For the yoga course, you will be able to learn the nuances of teaching of more than 80 Asanas and Yoga postures, secrets of the Art & Science of Breathing, Pranayama and its detoxification techniques, meditation and mudra techniques and many more!
Looking for a more fun way to exercise that body of yours? Master Lingham also provides Cuban salsa dancing course that gives you a more fun and approachable way to sweat your body off! These courses are very well connected as it is a form of art and discipline that is very well taken into account.