Badminton Court


Our badminton courts are to die for. Why? Compared with normal badminton courts, the capability of our rubberized and premier courts outshines that of the normal badminton court. For example, the flooring of both our rubberized and premier courts is thicker by at least 10mm. This is important as the thickness of the floor can contribute to injury-free play on the courts. Within three years of playing on a normal court, a player may suffer from a knee injury. Whereas with our courts, the player has a good chance of reducing sport injuries.
On top of that, the ventilation of our badminton courts is excellent. Using the latest technology of breathable walls, there is no sound, no drought and it is definitely eco-friendly. Come and see for yourself!
It is a known fact that Sports Arena @ Sentosa is THE place to have your badminton training and practice, be it professional or casual. What are you waiting for? Come on down and play with the best!


Sports Arena Sentosa has 17 rubberize badminton courts which open to public from 8am to 3am daily. With an average thickness of 12mm-14mm, our rubberize courts are a class on its own which will maximize your performance and comfort.
Our 17 rubberize courts are also divided into four colored zones for your comfort and privacy. Each zone differs in amount of courts so our customers have the flexibility to choose to have their own private zone if they need more than 2 courts or sharing courts in the same zone with other customers.
With our professional team of former national badminton players behind the architecture of our courts, we boast to have a non-distracting environment surrounding the courts. This will maximize your playing pleasure and minimizing the distraction around the courts. Our signage and advertising panel are placed in positions where it will not compromise the comfort of your game.